Jenny Edwards-Moss


I hope that these pictures will give you an idea of the range and diversity of the jackets and coats I make and inspire you to have one made for you.

More and more I make to order giving you the chance of having an original outfit.

Grey Kaleidoscope Coat
Grey Kaleidoscope Coat Back
Grey Kaleidoscope Coat Close Up

Three views of a new coat in a patterned soft-grey fabric.  Showing the back strap and also just showing a dress underneath.  Size 12.  £720 ready to wear or £800 made to order.

My shop is always full of jackets, coats dresses, skirts and hats for you to try on and either buy off-the-peg or act as inspiration for one made just for you.

Mint Green Gold and Blue Silk Brocade Coat
Mint Green Silk Brocade Jacket showing dress.
Larger Saucer-Style Hat

Three views of this rich mint-green gold and blue silk brocade long jacket.  You can see the matching dress and also a striking hat to complete the outfit.  Size 14.  £795 – A one-off.

Some of the jackets that are marked as sold are unrepeatable as we can not get more fabric.

If you love a particular fabric, come and talk to me as I might be able to find something similar.

Other fabrics are repeatable and a new bespoke version can be made.

Blue Silver Silk Brocade Short Jacket

Blue and silver silk brocade shorter jacket.  One-off

Long fitted jacket in a soft blue and pink floral silk brocade. Size 10.  £795 One-off.

Pink and Gold Butterflies Silk Jacket

Bright pink silk brocade jacket embroidered with butterflies. SOLD

Long fitted jacket in a cream orange floral embroidered silk. SOLD

Bright red dupion silk outfit with brightly coloured panels.  SOLD

Blue Grey and Pink Silk Brocade Coat

Sliver-Grey and pink silk brocade coat. Size 10.  £895.  One-off.

Pink shot grey dupion silk outfit with extravagantly trimmed hat.  SOLD

Long fitted jacket in an ivory silk brocade patterned in blue and gold. Size 8.  £895.  One-off

Long fitted jacket in an cream and soft pink slk brocade. SOLD

Pink Sillk Damask Jacket

Caot length jacket in a beautiful pink and cream silk brocade. SOLD

Bright silk brocade mid-length jacket with a frill collar. SOLD

Spring Yellow silk brocade jacket, Size 12.  £650,  with a yellow silk dress, Size 14.  £355

Shot green and gold dupion silk length fitted jacket,with a patterned silk dress,  SOLD

Ivory Purple Embroidered Silk Jacket

Purple and Ivory long fitted jacket, SOLD

Spotty blue mid-length jacket, Size 12.  £510

Coat in an burnt orange and green ivory embroidered dupion silk.  Size 14.  £645

A mid-length jacket in a delicate ivory and blue silk brocade, SOLD

Full-length coat in a strong green, gold and purple silk brocade, SOLD

Red / Gold Printed Silk Coat

Long fitted red dupion silk printed with a striking gold pattern.  Size 12.  £795