Jenny Edwards-Moss


I love being creative with my hats.

Most of the time I make hats to go with an outfit so each one is special. But I always have hats in stock for sale or inspiration.

If you are having an outfit and want a hat to go with an outfit, there is so much to choose from to make it unique.

A soft pink round hat trimmed with stunning pink roses. £250

A soft pink 15-inch saucer-style hat on a headband.  Again trimmed with beautiful pink roses.  £195

A large ivory hat extragavently trimmed with ivory roses and greenery. £275

I have the hats blocked for me by a manufacturer in Luton, the home of British hat making.

I have a limited number of styles, but an almost limitless combination of colour variations.

Then the trim can be as exotic or as delicate as you like.

Fuchsia Pink Hat

A dusky pink hat trimmed with flowers and feathers and a butterfly.  £250

A pale blue tear-drop hat on a headband.  Trimmed with feathers, flowers and veiling.  £175

Red Wedding Hat

A large fuchsia pink hat trimmed with a beautiful display of flowers.  £250

Do get in touch with me if you would like to have a hat made for you.

You don’t need to have bought your outfit from me.


01451 870194

Exotic Feathered Hat by Jenny Edwards-Moss, Stow-on-the-Wold.

An amazing African inspired feathered head-dress on a headband. £195

Fuchsia Pink Wedding Hat

A striking mid-sized bright fuchsia hat trimmed with contrasting orange flowers and feathers.  £225

Bright Red Mini-Topper with Trailing Floral Decoration

A cascade of flowers trim this amazing red mini-topper attached to a headband.  £225